Have you ever twisted the memories of an event so out-of-focus from reality? You’ve focussed on the negatives rather than all the fun and inspiration you really experienced. But our minds sometimes play tricks on us. Often it’s important to journalize our daily thoughts and events to create positive psychology, but it can be difficult to sit down with pen and paper several times a day. The Positivt tracker can help you to record all the fantastic things in life, so that you can refer back to any day at any time and see how good life really was.

This app can be used by anybody who is hoping to improve their health and well-being. You can also use it to achieve certain goals. Perhaps you want to lose weight in 2018, or you want to exercise more often. You may need some help in getting to sleep at night. It’s also suitable for people who suffer from depression and need a boost of positivity in their lives. This app will help you to find it, and more.

In order to do journaling for positive psychology there are certain parameters that must be recorded. You can easily enter these into the app at any time. The app collects all the information together for that day, just like a journal. In the future, you’ll be able to return to it and find out about your gratitude, mood, goals, weight, exercise, and sleep parameters.

There are also options where you can export graphs that show the progress you are making. If you’ve been trying to solve a particular health issue—physical or psychological—it may give you some insight into what you’ve been doing wrong. If you’ve been doing something right, you now know how to repeat these activities in the future to reinforce positive psychology.

Often sharing one’s goals with others will help you to stay on track. This app lets you share your progress on your favorite social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You can share your progress as often as you wish. Your friends can offer encouragement. Reinforcing the positive elements of your life will raise your mood and set you on the path to your next goal.

The Positivt tracker has been designed to be simple to use. You simply select one of 6 parameters— gratitude, mood, goals, weight, exercise, and sleep—then enter the pertinent metrics for each variable.

For instance, if your mood is happy, you select the happy face. You can enter your weight, and how much fitness you did. If you have gratitude for something you did that day—you traveled or someone smiled at you, you can enter this information too. Some of the information can be preselected from a drop-down list, while other fields allow you to type in notes. You can also edit your info until you’re ready to “Save” it.

If you’re tired of feeling down each day, reinforce your positive thoughts with the Positivt app tracker and journal. Soon you’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning eager to get started on a whole new day full of possibilities!